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Caged Tushy got their hands on some red hot girls in jail movies. This new update shows a sexy bitch getting busted then offering the guard some favors in order to get released early and to get better treatment. This girl will do what it takes to get out of jail.

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She got busted, stripped searched then put into a holding cell. As she talked to the guard she reached over and started rubbing his cock through his pants. He pulled her shirt up and felt her nice big tits. This girl in jail knows how to please a man and does what it takes to make him happy. She pulled out his cock and started to stroke it.

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She had never had prison sex before, but stroking this guy’s dick really got her pussy wet. She got down on her knees and gave him a handjob right there in the cell. She had actually enjoyed the strip search, but this prison handjob and blowjob was so much hotter and better. She liked it so much she might just want to stay in jail and get fucked every day.


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Caged Tushy has really found a hottie this time. This blond got arrested and taken to jail and we are all lucky the cameras were there to catch the action because she is one of the hottest pieces of ass you will ever see. And she got full cavity searches in her pussy and ass.The cavity search movies of this arrest are out of this world.

When the blond came into the holding cell the guard took one look at her and knew she was going to have some fun. She slowly strip searched her, giving her entire body a once over and a thorough inspection. She then bent her over desk, yanked her panties down and slid her finger right into that girl’s ass. She gave her a deep lesbian cavity search and made sure there was no contraband up her ass.

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She then laid the hottie down on the desk and slid her finger into that nice, tight pink pussy. She went knuckle deep in that pussy, finger fucking her as she did the cavity search. Once she was sure the girl was clean, and had came, she threw her in the cell nude so she could look at her amazing body a little longer. That is the kind lesbian prison sex you would get arrested just to see.


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There is no secret that Caged Tushy is one my favorite sites, but every now and then they even outdo themselves. This new update with some lesbian strip search movies in it is so hot I had to watch in three different parts because I kept jizzing in my pants. Enjoy the wild action, but be warned you will need a towel.

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This group of girls all got arrested and brought to the jail together. The guards knew they had to strip search and cavity search them all so they decided the best way to do it was to get them all naked and do it at once. The girls were still having fun and they had no problems stripping off their clothes for the strip search.

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When the guard laid the first girl down and gave her the pussy cavity search the rest of the girls got so hot they wanted to try. They all started sliding their fingers into this babe’s pussy. She laid back on the desk and came as all the girls finger banged her. The guard had to fight them to get control, but these hot girls were going to have lesbian prison sex no matter what the guards said.


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Caged Tushy seems to always be in the right place at the right time. The new update on their site features a sizzling cavity search movie and a full on lesbian finger fucking by a guard. It is red hot lesbian jail sex that is packed full of action.

Cassidy got busted and taken to jail. She was happy to see there were no other girls in the cell, but was a little shocked when the guard told her she had to do a full strip search.

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The guard stepped right in and helped Cassidy strip naked. Cassidy was a little nervous, but the guard’s hands actually felt kind of good on her body as she started searching her. The guard then laid her back on the desk and slid a finger into Cassidy. It was full on lesbian jail sex as she finger fucked her right there on the desk.

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Once she was done finger banging her the guard flipped Cassidy over and slammed a finger right up her ass for a deep cavity search. Cassidy moaned as the guard went deep in her ass and really worked that hole, probing her for all she was worth. Satisfied that she was clean the guard threw Cassidy in the cell naked and told her she would be back to fuck her caged girl ass later.


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Caged Tushy has done it one more time! This time they have found a girl so desperate to not go to jail she will do anything it takes to get out. The jail sex movie that comes in the update is red hot and will make you want to get arrested just so you can share cell with her.

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This babe got picked up and taken to the holding cell. There the guard told her that he was going to have to give her a full cavity search. As she asked him if that was absolutely necessary she bent over and rubbed her ass against his dick. She could feel him get hard in his pants as he told her that they could probably skip the cavity search.

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Before he could change his mind she was on her knees with her mouth wrapped around his dick and giving him head like her freedom depended on it. She told him he could fuck her if he would let her out and drop the charges and he agreed, laid her back on the cot in the cell and dropped the cock hammer of the law down on her pussy. She got on all fours and actually enjoyed it enough that she came all over his cock. She even let him slam her in the ass. And cum all over her perfect tits. Then he shut the cell and told this girl she was staying in jail and still have to have the cavity search. Caged Tushy got the full anal jail sex video for you to check out.


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Caged Tushy finds the hottest bad girls and films them as they get arrested, taken to jail and booked then strip searched and given full nude cavity searches. It is hot, wicked and very original and this newest update finds a girl trying to be a bitch and then becoming a lesbian prison bitch.

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She was resisting the other officers as they were trying to pat her down and search her so the took her back to the holding cell to let the Capitan of the guard handle her. She took no shit from this prisoner and patted her down then stripped her naked in minutes. Once she gave her a full nude body search she told her to sit on the desk then she put her finger in her pussy. As she started to protest the Capitan grabbed her slammed her finger deep insider her, hitting her g-spot and making her instantly relax.

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She then bent her over the desk, spread her as s wide open and gave her a full, thorough, deep cavity search. She went all the way to the top knuckle in her ass and made her moan even louder. when she was done searching all her holes she tossed her in the cell naked and told her she would be back for more later.


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Sometimes Caged Tushy finds girls in jail movies that feature hotties getting arrested out in public then brought back to the jailhouse to get strip searched. This new update on their site is like an episode of cops only with the cop being a hot anal fetish lesbian. I got so worked up checking it out I had to share it with you.

While on her lunch break the jailhouse guard caught an underage girl trying to buy booze. She was 20, old enough to fuck, but not old enough to drink. She cuffed the girl and took her to the station where she immediately got her naked for a full strip search.

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Once she was nude she checked her mouth and her body out to make sure she wasn’t hiding anything. Those holes looked clear so it was time for the lesbian cavity search. She bent her over the desk and slid her finger right up the girl’s tight ass. She banged that ass clean and made sure there was nothing hidden.

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Once the cavity search was done she spun the girl around and slipped a finger into her tight, wet pussy. It was time to make sure this girl was completely clean and the only way to do that was to fully check all her holes. She fingered her so deep she actually hit her g-spot and caused an orgasm. Once the full strip search and lesbian cavity search was done she caged the girl and let her think about her crime.

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Caged Tushy has a very good thing going with their site. They know that the world is full of bag girls that eventually end up getting busted and taken to jail and they are right there to film these girls as the get stripped and fingered by a lesbian guard with an anal fetish and they provide those lesbian anal fetish movies for us to watch.

Heather Silk got arrested for getting in a fight in public. She was taken to the holding cell where the horny guard decided to have fun with her. Before she caged her she made Heather strip fully nude and she gave her a thorough strip search.

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Convinced that she didn’t have anything on her she laid her back on the desk and slid her finger into her wet pussy. She gave her a deep cavity search and went all the way to the knuckle. Heather resisted at first, but the guard dominated her, held her down and finger banged her.

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After the finger fucking Heather was bent over the desk and that finger was jammed right up her ass. She explored her with a full on deep anal cavity search and worked that ass like she was mad at it. Once all her holes were explored she threw Heather in jail fully nude and told her she would be back later for more fun.


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I had been kind of busy this last week so I hadn’t had a chance to check in on Caged Tushy to see if they added anything cool and new to their site. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they had gone out and found another bad girl getting punished in jail. This prison lesbian movie is red hot and really worth checking out.

This babe Dahlia got arrested and booked. She was being belligerent and told the guard to leave her alone so the guard decided to a do a full strip search and cavity search on her.

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First she stripped her naked. The guard thought she was hot so she helped her get undressed. Once she was buck naked the guard felt her entire body to make sure she wasn’t hiding anything then told her to lay down on the bed for the cavity search. Dahlia told the guard no so the guard grabbed and pushed her down on the desk. She spread her legs and slid her finger right inside Dahlia’s shaved pussy. She finger fucked her a little bit then stood her up for the anal probe.


The guard spread Dahlia’s cheeks and slid a finger inside her tight little ass. This was her first time in jail so Dahlia had no idea she was going to be fingered and searched like this, but she actually started to enjoy getting poked and probed by the clearly turned on guard. When the guard was done with her she put her in the cell nude and told her to wait. The lesbian prison sex was coming later.


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Caged Tushy finds the hottest girls that end up in jail and get all the footage of them getting strip searched, cavity searches and them having lesbian prison sex. The girl in this new update was not all that cooperative so the guard had to get a little rough with her, but the prison snapped into shape pretty quickly.

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The guard stripped her down so she could search her and loved the site of her nice big tits. She felt her body as she laid her out on the desk, spread her legs and started fingering her pussy. The prisoner argued so the guard pushed her face away and fingered her deeper and harder until the prisoner was moaning with pleasure.

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Once the pussy cavity search was done she got bent over and her ass probed deep to make sure she wasn’t smuggling anything in there. The guard really reamed that ass out and did a full investigation of every hole in this babe’s body. When she was done probing she told her that she was free to go and let her go with a warning. Caged Tushy finds the wickedest lesbian prison guards and lets you see all the fun they have with the hot prisoners.